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Lenzerheide downhill kids was born out of the need to give the next generation of bikers the necessary skills to stay safe out on the trails. Combining Safety, fun and learning together with the trails of the Lenzerheide bikepark and beyond, our future two wheeled superstars will be pushed when needed but slowed down when the time is right. Important is allways the understanding that riding is not just about doing the biggest jumps or riding a fast as you can but coming home safely at the end of the day.

Based in and around but not limited to the Lenzerheide bikepark  the Downhill kids will explore other gravity feed trails in the region when their skills are ready.

The program is not only about riding the bike park but about mountain biking in general. All aspects of biking are taught and when ready we go visit trails on beautiful Scalottas or a run down “The Dark Side Of The Moon”.


DH Kids Sommer Season

CHF 290
  • June 10th, 17th, 24th
  • August 19th, 26th
  • September 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23th, 30th

DH Kids Summer Holidays

CHF 190
  • 5 Day Course
  • July 6th - 10th
  • August 3rd - 7th

DH Kids Summer Holidays

CHF 45 /130
  • 1 Day / Monday only CHF 45
  • 3 Days / Mon, Tues & Wed CHF 130

No equipment, no problem? We are more the happy to advise you on everything needed. In the bike park is a full face helmet, knee guards and elbow guards compulsory. We reccomend back protectors as well.

– Safety, Fun & Learning

– Technical training

– Bikepark rules / behaviour

– Biking in nature

– Understand the bike

– Tips und Tricks

Lil Warriors 6 – 8 years

Mini Shredders 9 – 12 years

Ride Tribe 13 – 16 years

Groups will be made depending on ability

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